What does a NONFICTION call number look like?



      A nonfiction call number always has three numbers to the left of the decimal point. 

Example: 5 7 6. 1

Point to the decimal.

Have them count as you point to three numbers to the left.


      Each number represents a certain subject.


For example, every different sport has its own special number.


Go to the Online Catalog and type in soccer.

Do a subject search.

Show the list of titles and point to the numbers that are the same. Point to the call number on the student.


So, if you love soccer then you want to learn that number so the next time you want a soccer book, you'll know where to go. J

Quickly, have the student with the call number go with you to find the soccer book section.


      This works for any subject.

Practice what I did yourself today!







Carol Gibson, District Library Media Coordinator, Elida Local Schools, Elida OH. March 2008